St. Michael's GAC Magheralin

Naomh Míchéal CLG -


James McCartan presents the joint Player of the Year award to Kevin Hamill and Neil Sweeney.

Player's Player of the Year

James McCartan presents John Catney with his players player of the year award.

Young Player of the Year

Young Player of the year, Paddy Lavery is presented with his award by James McCartan.


James McCartan presents Conor O'Neill with the award for reserve player of the year.

Down Junior Champions 2004

James McCartan handing over the down Junior Championship Trophy to team captain Bryan Sweeney.

Clubman of the Year

John Hamill is presented with his clubman of the year award from James McCartan.

James McCartan presenting Helen Hamill with a gift of appreciation from the players of St. Michael's.


Derry County Board P.R.O, Gerry Donnelly, was the M.C for the night, at the St. Michael's G.F.C formal.

St. Michael's club secretary, Thomas Hamill (right) and senior team manager and P.R.O, Pat McDade (left) look on.

Senior Team manager, Pat McDade address the guests at the St. Michael's formal.

Former Down All-Ireland winner and footballing legend James McCartan, addresses the crowd at the formal.

James McCartan pictured with Ally Moore, winner of the prize donated by Mervyn Breen.

Winner of the £250 holiday voucher, Thomas Hamill, pictured with his wife Una.

Lauerence Hamill, winner of the Tyrone Crystal Lamp, donated by Begley's Sports and Gift Shop, Dungannon, being presented with his prize by James McCartan.

Jonathon Sweeney, receives his prize, donated by George Hanna, from James McCartan.

The signed Celtic jersey, which was up for auction, was eventually bought by Adrian McAufield. Other items that were auctioned included a signed St. Michael's jersey, a signed Manchester Utd jersey and a painting by local artist Simon McCann.

Committee members Hugh Byrne and Kevin Robinson pictured along with Michael O'Neill.

Former Down and St. Michael's player, Adriain McAufield enjoying the evening.

Former Down All-Ireland Minor winner and current St. Michael's goalkeeper, Peter Cunningham along with his girlfriend.